Why Ergonomics Matter

techsit klimastar 5 colour pu

People spend one third of their professional lives sitting on their work chairs so ergonomics is important. Anyone who performs strenuous or repetitive tasks in the workplace needs a chair that will provide them with proper support. Our chairs can be adapted to any working situation and provide excellent stability and support, yet they do not restrict freedom of movement.

Frequently changing your posture while seated reduces one-sided, unhealthy strain on the muscles and the intervertebral discs. The spinal column assumes its natural S-shape and takes the strain off the intervertebral discs and the buttocks, which improves blood circulation and the supply of nutrients. This enables the intervertebral discs to regenerate while simultaneously boosting concentration and performance.

Forward Position


  • The back is extremely rounded or – if the posture is rigid – pushed forward considerably
  • The centre of gravity of the torso is in front of the buttocks
  • The hip angle or sitting angle is less than 90 ° with the thighs almost horizontal
  • Increased internal stomach pressure has an adverse effect on the venous returns in the pelvic region and results in statically tense muscles

Straight Posture

straight-postureThe centre of gravity of the torso is in the buttock area

  • Statically balanced posture while seated, the spine is only slightly curved from the lumbar to the cervical spine with most of the muscles relaxed and deeper breathing (=Asian relaxing position)

Rear Posture


  • If there is a lack of support, the pelvis is turned back on the seat
  • Open hip angle (in relation to the pelvis), i.e. greater than 90°
  • Different spine curvature depending on the position of the sacrum

Techsit Concept


  • Adjustable height
  • Large, tilt-adjustable seat
  • High backrest:
    — Adjustable height
    — Supports the upper back
    — Relieves the spine
    — Protects the kidney area
  • Precision backrest contact pressure adjustment/span
  • Motion-synchronous pivot point shifting
  • Ergonomically designed seat and back cushions

Our chairs offer plenty of room for healthy, dynamic sitting thanks to their ergonomic, tilt-adjustable seats and high backrests with individually adjustable contact pressure.

Ergonomic innovation featuring motion-synchronous pivot point shifting. This prevents the user’s shirt from “riding up” as a result of an awkward reclining angle.

User friendly

  • Functionally arranged adjusting elements
  • Easy and intuitive operation

Seat positions can be adjusted easily, with just a few quick motions. Adjusting elements are functionally arranged and easy to use.

Great climate

  • Fully perforated seats and backrests
  • Maximum air circulation
  • Optimum seat climate

Fully perforated seats and backrests provide continuous air circulation and an optimum seat climate*.

* Studies conducted by the chair of ergonomics at the Technical University of Munich showed that perforated seats demonstrate significantly superior microclimatic properties (wet and dry heat transport) over seats without perforations. 


  • Removable cushions
  • Easy to clean

Removable and interchangeable PUR integral foam** cushions ensure optimum occupational hygiene, especially in multi-shift operations.

** Viscoelastic PUR integral foam with thermosensitive properties