When your clients need more than office seating do you have what they want? Klimastar Industrial seating is the answer for:


·        Production line

·        Laboratory

·        Cleanroom

·        Anti-static / ESD

·        GMP

·        Stainless steel


Produced by Werksitz, the technical seating experts, the Klimastar chair is designed to deliver perfection in ergonomics and comfort; the ultimate in industrial seating.


The Klimastar comes in a wide range of colours, not just the usual black, to give you the edge and your client real choice.


Techsit would love to show you the Klimastar range.
So why not see for yourself?

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But it’s not just pretty Lab Seating…

Behind the looks is a premium quality Lab seating, ergonomically

designed, tested & certified suitable for:

·       Laboratories

·       ESD

·       GMP

·       Cleanrooms

·       Wet rooms

Give your customers the option of functional, comfortable, dynamic seating with a twist of style and colour*

(*also available in black if you want it!!)


The Werksitz range of laboratory seating distributed by Techsit.


Contact Mark at Techsit to view the Werksitz range of specialist lab seating or to trial a chair

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Anti-fatigue mats from Techsit

Techsit is introducing the Werkstep anti-fatigue mats range from ergonomic seating experts Werksitz.The anti-fatigue mats are specifically designed to promote health and prevent injury at standing workstations.

The elastic texture and patterned surface of Werkstep mats reduce the stress on bones, joints and muscles by cushioning the weight of the body, subtly stimulating circulation in the legs.


Made of dense polyurethane with 14mm thickness for superior comfort and excellent durability the mats are available in standard size or can be shaped to meet your specific customer requirements.


Werkstep Mats:

·       High quality

·       Anti-fatigue

·       Superior comfort

·       Excellent durability

·       Anti-static: electrical resistance; 10⁶ Ω (ESD model)

·       Flame retardant: (fire class B1 according to DIN 4102/FMVSS301)

·       Wet or dry area usage

·       Off the peg or made to measure: our mats can be shaped to fit.


If you can’t sell a chair … sell a mat!
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Techsit launch new Technical seating website


Techsit the UK market leaders for Technical Work Seating have launched their new website in partnership with Werksitz the German manufacturer.
. This unique range of factory, laboratory, cleanroom and ESD seating is ergonomically designed for use in hi-tech environments such as:
•Production and research areas.

Is your laboratory seating this good?

Techsit is the UK distributor for technical chair experts Werksitz. 

The Werksitz name is built on superior quality and ergonomic design and their specialist laboratory seating does not disappoint.


Select your materials for ultimate functionality and hygiene from DIN 53160 certified imitation leather through to PUR integral foam suitable for S-class labs. ESD, GMP or clean-room options are also available.


What’s more the Werksitz range comes in a wide range of colours so whether your customer wants to colour code their lab areas, or just wants something more exciting than black, they can be sitting healthily, hygienically and stylishly!


Now you can build high quality labs and install high quality laboratory seating at the same time.


To see what Techsitcould do for your add-on sales potentialor to trial one of our chairs please contact us on:
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Why should all PU chairs be black?

Have you got this much colour in your life let alone in your seating range?


Techsit is here to make your sales job easier with a fantastic range of superior quality industrial seating – and it comes in 10 colours of PU (including black if you want it).

Our categories include:

Factory – Production line – Laboratory – Cleanroom -ESD – GMP – Stainless Steel.

The range is ergonomically designed by Werksitz, the experts in Technical Work Seating, to deliver healthy dynamic sitting and is based on a modular concept to allow the product to be individually configured to meet your customers workplace requirements.

Why not see for yourself and trial one of our chairs.

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Is your stainless steel seating range strong enough?



Techsit are delighted to help with a superior quality range of stainless steel seating; water, acid and solvent resistant for excellent cleanliness and hygiene performance.

The range, from technical seating experts Werksitz, is ergonomically designed to ensure healthy, dynamic sitting, using thermosensitive viscoelastic PUR foam for extra comfort.

Even better the PUR comes in 10 fab colours to really give you the edge and your customer some real choice; not all PU chairs need be black!

Why not see for yourself? Contact Mark Williams at Techsit to trial a chair or see the range.
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Are you standing comfortably?

Are you standing comfortably?

We are all aware of the benefits of “Active working” and Sit-Stand workstations are now beginning to appear in progressive office environments. But just how do you deliver the full active health benefits without any level of discomfort?
Well there are easy lessons to be learnt from industry where the many jobs which can only be done standing and the human ergonomic issues entailed have already led to the development of:
Height adjustable perching stools
Standing supports
Anti- fatigue mats
The use of standing supports and stools that are adjustable to the individual in both height and tilt allow the user’s weight to be supported while still having ease of movement.
Anti-fatigue matting reduces the pressure on the body when standing for long periods by reducing the stress placed on bones, joints and muscles.
So with the use of standing aids in conjunction with the sit-stand desk the whole process of “Active working” is easier to deliver than you think!

0845 051 3812