When your clients need more than office seating do you have what they want? Klimastar Industrial seating is the answer for:


·        Production line

·        Laboratory

·        Cleanroom

·        Anti-static / ESD

·        GMP

·        Stainless steel


Produced by Werksitz, the technical seating experts, the Klimastar chair is designed to deliver perfection in ergonomics and comfort; the ultimate in industrial seating.


The Klimastar comes in a wide range of colours, not just the usual black, to give you the edge and your client real choice.


Techsit would love to show you the Klimastar range.
So why not see for yourself?

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0845 051 3812

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But it’s not just pretty Lab Seating…

Behind the looks is a premium quality Lab seating, ergonomically

designed, tested & certified suitable for:

·       Laboratories

·       ESD

·       GMP

·       Cleanrooms

·       Wet rooms

Give your customers the option of functional, comfortable, dynamic seating with a twist of style and colour*

(*also available in black if you want it!!)


The Werksitz range of laboratory seating distributed by Techsit.


Contact Mark at Techsit to view the Werksitz range of specialist lab seating or to trial a chair

0845 051 3812 or

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